Your Go-To Source for Pool and Spa Services

Your Go-To Source for Pool and Spa Services

We offer skilled pool and spa leak detections in Fort Washington, MD

From building your dream pool or spa to being a lifelong resource for pool and spa cleaning and maintenance, Less Leaks, LLC is the only pool and spa company you need. We are proud to serve homes in the Fort Washington, MD area. Get started designing your dream pool or spa by calling us today.

Sit back and relax. Let us do the work.

Pools and spas aren’t going to maintain themselves. Without proper care and maintenance, you could quickly start to suffer from costly or even dangerous issues. With our experts on your side, you can enjoy:

  • Pool and spa leak detection
  • Pool and spa repairs
  • Pool and spa cleaning and maintenance
  • Seasonal opening and closing.
  • Real state pool inspection
  • Installs (filters, pumps, heaters, salt generators, PVC pipes & valves)
  • Weekly and Bi-weekly pool cleanings 
  • Caulcking
  • Pressure test of PVC pipes (we own ultrasound sonar equipment to pinpoint broken pipes underground

With over three years of pool and spa experience, our well-rounded experts can build, repair, clean and maintain your pool and spa. Leak detection is even more important for pools because you can lose lots of water before you know it. We’ll get to the bottom of your leak and fix it right away.